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"To forgo the luxury of separate ways when a common path can be found"

How MARCC Works

How does MARCC run?
  • The MARCC office, located in downtown Cincinnati, is made up of an Executive Director, Office Administrator, and on occasion, a graduate student intern.
  • Executive Board meets weekly to discuss issues and actions.
  • Delegates Council meets monthly to learn about and discuss issues.
  • MARCC is a non-profit organization, funded solely by the annual contributions of its member Judicatories.
Executive Board:
  • Consists of elected officers and board members from each member Judicatory, as well as executive staff and presidents ex-officio.
  • Manages the organization policy and employs the executive staff.
  • Reviews proposals, strategies, and matters to be considered.
  • Hears progress reports by the staff and suggests appropriate actions on issues and projects.
  • Makes recommendations about appointments for committees and task forces.
  • Reviews any public statements made in the name of MARCC.
  • Currently meets weekly for one hour on Friday mornings.
Delegates Council:
  • Composed of at least three delegates from each member Judicatory, lay persons and clergy.
  • Has the authority to implement policies, create committees and task forces.
  • Reviews decisions and proposals of the Executive Board when necessary.
  • Generally meets monthly, on the second Wednesday at noon.
  • Most meetings include a guest speaker who presents on a current key concern.
We choose our key concerns at Fall Planning Conference:
  • Held in mid-November, Delegates meet and share a dinner, then split into groups to discuss up to five issues.
  • Judicatories caucus and vote on issues they believe are most important.
  • The two issues with the most votes will be MARCC’s key concerns for the following year.
We report our progress at Annual Meeting:
  • Held toward the beginning of each calendar year.
  • Members review the work of the previous year, adopt a budget, and elect new officers.
We are guided by our official bylaws:

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