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 marcc is…                                                            

A coalition of judicatories.

By JUDICATORIES, we mean the local, decision-making bodies of national denominations.

Each of these judicatories is a valid, autonomous body. MARCC is a coalition, a way of enabling these 15 Jewish, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Protestant and Unitarian-Universalist judicatories to work together on a few, agreed-upon, local social concerns to make life better for people in metropolitan Cincinnati.

In the language of sacred texts, the religious community can work on social problems in three ways:

  • Prophetic (holding up the absolute standards of God or spiritual well being),
  • Priestly (caring for each individual child),
  • Sovereignty (or politically, choosing the best possible solution).

MARCC has been a self-conscious decision by Cincinnati judicatories to work together in a sovereign or political style.

Cincinnati judicatories have learned over the years that to be effective together, judicatories need to work:

  • on a few concerns,
  • that are capable of local resolution,
  • where there is a moral, religious concern, and
  • where we can do our own research & fact-finding.
  • We make major decisions by consensus of the member judicatories. (If any one judicatory says “No,” the coalition of judicatories does not work on it together.)
  • We work on the concerns that are most important, urgent, and doable by the religious community.
  • We try to work with decision makers when we can, and give them the credit.
  • We try to leave the civic discourse at least a little better than we found it.

Through MARCC, judicatories make decisions:

  • every year, at Judicatories’ Fall Planning Conference, about which two local social concerns to work on in the coming year,
  • every month, at Delegates Council (by a consensus of judicatories), about major involvements in these two concerns, and
  • every week, at Executive Board (one representative from each judicatory), about how, when, and with whom to work.

How MARCC Works

The Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati consists of our member Judicatories. The Judicatories fund our non-profit organization with annual contributions. 


The Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati consists of 15 member judicatories of diverse faith backgrounds. The judicatories fund our nonprofit organization with annual contributions and participate through their appointed delegates, board members and judicatory leaders. 


In the 1960s, a few religious groups (Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant) were actively interested in “civic responsibilities” working for change in the city, and meeting regularly for discussion of both moral and political issues. Their involvement helped pass at the state level laws prohibiting discrimination of employment, accommodations and housing.


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